The Website Through a Form service is a managed, structured, website building service. When you complete a simple build request form, a professional web developer will build it for you.

Built For You

It will be built with all the care and consideration that a much more expensive web developer will put into a client project. It will be built to look aesthetically pleasing, be easy to navigate, and be logically structured based on what we know makes sense to most site visitors.

It will also be built to include all the latest and most advanced security features and will be mobile optimized for search engines and user experience. It will be backed up regularly and fully restored should something go wrong. For more detail, see “what does hosting include?“.

The Website Through a Form site itself was built using the same process and is, in and of itself an example of a Website Through a Form client site.

You do not have to learn how to build a website; you do not have to have be good at graphic design or understand the elements that make a website effective to get a great website built with this service.

You just need to know what you want on your website.

Other Easy Website Building Services

There are many do-it-yourself website building services available. They all require considerable time spent learning their unique interface and processes. How good and effective your website turns out with a DIY tool will always be in direct proportion to your own talent, experience, and the time you devote to it.

If you have the time and are inclined to want to do it yourself, we recommend WIX as the DIY website building tool of choice. DIY tools like this will always be less expensive than services that do the work for you. They will also give you a lot more options and allow you to leverage your own personal creativity to design exactly what you want.

The DIYers

Some people like to service their own car, fix their own plumbing, and love doing DIY projects at home.

If you have the time and are that way inclined when using computers and software, a tool like WIX, where you have “The Freedom to Create Anything,” will probably be a better solution for you.

When Website Through a Form Makes Sense

On the other hand, if you are busy and do not have the time or interest to learn how to build your own website, the Website Through a Form service may just be the perfect solution for you. It is low cost, and all it requires you to do is to spend 15 minutes completing a simple form. The rest will be done for you.