People will be able to find you because you will have your own domain. It can be or or whatever you want it to be. If the specific domain you want is already taken, we will send you the closest alternatives available.

There are many ways people might find your website

  • You might email them a link to your website
  • You might do some kind of social media activity and include a link to your website
  • You might do some kind of advertising such as AdWords or Yelp which sends people to your site
  • You might add your website to your business card
  • People may find you organically through organic (Google) search
  • You might make use of our local business directory listing service and people may find you that way

About Organic (Google) Search

The “Website Through a Form” service is intended to allow people to get a simple sales brochure site at a low cost with minimal effort.

If your goal is to rank for competitive terms, visit a search engine marketing specialist such as our sister company Holistic Web Presence. Be aware though, organic marketing (sometimes referred to as SEO) is a labor intensive, expensive and time-consuming activity. While it can yield big results, it is not for everybody.

Be wary of companies offering you low cost SEO services, they rarely produce results.

If your website has a unique name, example “Vinay Dalal MD” the site will probably naturally rank when people search for you. You should not need to pay for any SEO services to rank for your personal or business name. This is because it is unlikely there will be any competition for unique names.

Your website, however, is extremely unlikely to rank for something competitive, such as “pain management Dallas Fort Worth” or “carpet cleaning San Diego”. To do that, a lot of organic marketing would be required…